• Sunday morning sales of alcohol stumbles in state assembly - The Sunday morning mimosa or bloody mary may be on the way – or not. Legislation has been advancing in the State Senate to relax New York’s long-held blue laws that prohibit restaurants, bars and places such as Ralph Wilson Stadium, bowling alleys and golf courses from selling alcohol before noon on Sundays. Read More - June 2016

  • Which states drink most beer?  Nationwide, beer consumption per capita has declined by roughly 4 percent since 2011. Still, beer is big business in the United States. Read More - June 2016

  • Social Media is Making You Spend More Money on Alcohol -  A new study into alcohol-buying trends suggests that after some Facebook scrolling and a quick check of the ’gram, you could be sipping Cristal like it’s your birthday. Read More - March 2016

  • Where Drinking, Drugs, and Alzheimer's Are Disproportionately Fatal - The top causes of death are similar in many states. But some states stick out because they experience certain types of deaths — ranging from alcohol-related to accidental falls — at higher rates than the national norm. Hover over a state for the top five causes in each. Interactive map is halfway down the page: Read More - May 2016

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