Mission Statement

The mission of the Michigan Coalition to Reduce Underage Drinking is to provide leadership on state and national issues and to assists individuals, grassroots groups, and organizations to reduce underage drinking locally.

MCRUD History

The state wide Coalition was first called together in 1996 to discuss Michigan’s interest in applying for a grant made available from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. This grant was for states which either were forming or had existing statewide coalitions working to address the issue of underage alcohol use. Read More

  • Providing a network for groups throughout Michigan to address underage alcohol use issues, share prevention program and resource ideas, and raise public awareness about the problem.
  • Providing training and technical assistance to community groups that are addressing underage alcohol use.
  • Increase opportunities for youth to be significantly involved in underage alcohol prevention.
  • Be active at the state and national level with public awareness and policy issues that will help reduce youth access to alcohol. 

As MCRUD staff travel throughout Michigan and interact with those around the country working to prevent underage drinking, there are several questions that we are frequently asked about MCRUD.  In addition, there are several assumptions that are made which we find ourselves ether confirming or needing to correct.  Below is a list of points that may be helpful to those of you not familiar with MCRUD, or those who have been with us for awhile, but have never asked those important questions.

What is MCRUD and what is its mission? 

MCRUD is the Michigan Coalition to Reduce Underage Drinking.  The mission of the Michigan Coalition to Reduce Underage Drinking is to provide leadership on state and national issues and to assists individuals, grassroots groups, and organizations to reduce underage drinking locally.  Our primary mission is to assist you at the local level with the issues you have identified.  Therefore, the majority of our work is done at the local level.  Any work done at a larger level, state-wide or nationally, is done to support local grassroots efforts.


Does MCRUD recommend one specific approach, program, initiative, speaker, or curriculum?

To fulfill our mission, MCRUD uses various approaches which are appropriate based on the community’s make-up and needs. We do not have a one-size-fits-all-communities approach or a specific "program" which we use everywhere.  We do encourage communities to look at the environment and see if there are any changes that can be made that will help youth not use alcohol.  We call this an "environmental change approach."


What do you mean by "environmental change?"

Youth make decisions based on the environment where they have lived and currently live in.  Environmental change approaches generally deal  with one of these four issues:

  • Where youth GET alcohol
  • Where youth USE alcohol
  • How youth GET AWAY WITH USING alcohol
  • Why youth THINK THEY NEED TO USE alcohol

How does MCRUD know what to promote or assist with when they work with a community?

We encourage ALL communities to look around their own community and identify specific issues that either encourage underage drinking or support teens in their decision not to use alcohol.  This will be the basis of any assistance we can give, trainings we might suggest, or recommendations we might make.


Who does MCRUD believe is at fault or most responsible for underage drinking?

We believe that pointing the finger or placing "blame" for underage drinking does not address the fact that a young person makes decisions based not only on their upbringing, but also the environment in which they are currently in.  Blaming parents, or schools, or law enforcement, or the alcohol industry, or the teens themselves does not do justice to the complexity of the problem, nor does it assist groups in identifying solutions that will have a real impact.


Does MCRUD work with or accept funds from the alcohol beverage industry?

MCRUD does not accept funds or in-kind contributions from alcohol makers, distributors, or retailers or their trade associations, but we are willing to discuss issues with them and will allow them to attend our meetings to present their information. Please see our written policy on this issue.


Who does MCRUD believe should be a part of the solution or included in the discussion?

MCRUD believes that all sectors of a community must be involved if a meaningful solution is to be reached. Those with the passion to prevent underage drinking will lead, those who can help will follow, those with their own agenda will eventually stop showing up.


What does MCRUD believe regarding working with youth?

We believe you should involve youth at every appropriate level in every way you can.  By this we mean that youth can be a powerful advocate for change, as well as a wealth of information as to what the issues are in your community.  We believe that any young person who wants to be involved should be included, regardless of their past decisions.  This includes teens with minor in possession tickets or teens in treatment and recovery.


If our community group wants to do a "mock crash", "dead day", or other program like this, will MCRUD help us plan it?

We believe that "scare tactics" (such as mock crashes or using graphic images) have not been proven to have an impact on a teen's decision in a long term way, and therefore try to steer local groups into doing more meaningful programs.   That being said, we will work with a group that has made the decision to do a mock crash or other "scare tactic" initiative to try to make the initiative more meaningful. 


How do I get involved with the MCRUD Steering Committee?

MCRUD Steering Committee meetings are open to the public and we always welcome new members. (Please see our written policy on this issue.) Meetings are typically held around the state. We welcome those interested to contact us to get dates and locations of upcoming meetings.  


How do I get started locally?

There may be people in your community who are already working on this issue.  They may be professional or volunteer groups, but most would be willing to accept new members.  You can start by calling us, and if we know of anyone in your area, we will try to connect you.  If we don't know a group that is working on the issue, we might be able to refer you to the agency in your area that might know better than we do.  You can always contact us and ask.  Our phone number is 800-968-4968, and the MCRUD Coordinator's e-mail is miket@preventionnetwork.org

MCRUD believes that preventing underage drinking is everybody’s business.  Not just parents.  Not just the schools.  Or law enforcement. Or human service agencies.  Or politicians.  Or the alcohol industry.  Or young people.  Everybody.


If you have a question about how MCRUD is operated, what MCRUD does, or any other question that we have not answered, please contact MCRUD Coordinator Mike Tobias at 800-968-4968 or miket@preventionnetwork.org. You can also get more information about Prevention Network by calling us at 800-968-4968, or visiting their web site at www.preventionnetwork.org





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